B resolved...2009 Edition

Like most, I set out to achieve a few goals each new year. I've been doing this ever since I was a young girl, and my mom was signing up for swimming lessons or ordering the latest exercise equipment at the beginning of January. I've come to learn that the best way to stick to those goals is to 1) make them specific, 2) make them quantifiable, and most importantly, 3) make them within your reach. My goals for 2008 were pretty specific. Was I 100% successful? Not exactly, which is why a few of them made a comeback on the '09 list. Never say never!


1. Stop cursing.
I'm no trucker, but I do let the occasional expletive slip for effect, laziness, or pure meanness. A wise man once told me that people who curse don't know how to express themselves clearly. Plus, it's just not ladylike... (This applies to all the big ones: F-bombs, N-Word, "buns-holes", and all that other ish...)

2. Buy "up," not more.
At this point in life, I have more stuff, than a person in a one bedroom apartment should ever own. There's stuff under my bed, in my linen closet, in the closet where my hot water heater is located (yes, I use it as a closet)...you get the point. Because I must do my part in stimulating the economy, I plan to stop buying little things, and upgrade myself with fewer, but more significant purchases. Bye-bye Claire's Boutique, hello David Yurman!

3. Prepare 1 home-cooked meal each week.
Ok, so this resolution is making a comeback, because I only kept this one for about 2 weeks. We all know the NY story - it's difficult to grocery shop, and it's easy to go out, and even easier to order. I have, however, discovered that I'm a pretty decent cook, and I actually have fun doing it. Tonight, I start by cooking Shrimp Scampi for my crew. Here goes nothing!

4. Start an online journal.
Last night my best friend referred to me as "black Carrie Bradshaw" when I shared one of my latest journal entries/poem hybrids. Sounds crazy, but when I'm on my evening midtown to Harlem subway commute, I reflect on the day and have the urge to manifest my thoughts into prose. I'm no poet, but it's fun, and challenging to craft those thoughts into a poem that has a beginning, middle, and end. Let's face it, this life is exciting and wild with all of it's ups and downs. At some point, I'll be able to share snippets of my life with those I love.

5. Create at least 4 volunteer opportunities in 2009.
My hat flies off to young professionals who have standing engagements to change someones life. It's my goal to get on that level. Last year, I had 3 opportunities to give back, and this year I'm going for a minimum of 4, with a pledge to involve the B-Life community as much as possible. If you want to join me, let's start a dialogue and get something on the books. Email me at theblife@gmail.com with any volunteer events, or ideas of how you want to give back.

Happy New Year!
xo, Jen
The B-Life

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Anonymous said...

I stopped cursing - it can be done, but sometimes I slip when I am aroung certain people..
Good luck, I know you can do it.