B in the Spotlight: Loni Swain

Meet Loni Swain...She's sassy, fun-loving, and she's never met a stranger! As one of the hottest PYT's on the airwaves, her voice is her money-maker. Let's chat with Loni and learn how she gets in where she fits in on the radio scene.

What is your current role?
I am working at FOXY 95.5 WFUN-FM in Saint Louis, MO. I am the host of Loni's Love Lounge...all the slow baby makin' love songs! Mon-Fri 6p-12a. You can also listen LIVE online at www.foxy955.net.

How did you get your start in radio? (Hint, hint - did any peer help you out? :)
I got my start in radio thanks to the B-Life's founder and my dear friend Jen! :) I started, as most in the entertainment industry, as an intern in the Promotions department at Q93 WQUE-FM in New Orleans,LA in 2001. After doing that for 6 months WITHOUT PAY...just a couple free cds here and there...I got hired PART TIME. This industry is big on making you pay your dues! And I am still considered a rookie with 5 years under my belt!

What did you have to do to prove yourself as a serious on-air personality?
Aside from "paying my dues" ( interning without pay, working the grave-yard shifts, and filling in for people at the last minute), I mainly had to show my dedication to the job. This is a job where you are CONSTANTLY having to prove yourself on a daily basis! Its a 24 hour job that you have to remain passionate about. Consistently being up-to-date on current events and things relative to my audience, putting in the extra hours, doing community service, creating a name for myself amongst my listening audience as well as my co-workers by promoting myself and events that I am a part of and last but certainly not least..NETWORKING!!! Meeting and maintaining communication with other people within the industry will help you out A LOT! and the more people you know...the more people speak about you and your work ethic...the better!

Which parts of the job are glamorous?
Meeting the celebrities of course... Attending award shows, boxing matches in Vegas, staying at the W Hotel in Hollywood for movie premieres and more...all for $FREE.99! Getting free cds, movie passes, concert tickets, VIP status at the clubs...but the free trips are my fav! Plus a lot of listeners look up to you as though YOU are a celebrity...people hear your voice everyday! you are a part of people's lives!!! pretty cool! :)

Which parts of the job are unglamorous?
The PAY can be very UNGLAMOROUS! Especially when you first start out. They figure the free stuff is compensation enough... SOMEBODY LIED! lol...Plus...because it can be considered very glamorous for most, they know there are plenty of people in line who would do the job for little to nothing! Its highly competitive! Also, because some people consider you a celebrity and see you get the hook-up, you have to watch for the fake friends and groupies that just want to hang out with you so that they can get " the hook-up too!"

Tell us something that we don't know about the radio business?
Because no one ever sees radio personalities...alot of us go to work lookin' TOE-UP! despite our glamorous appearances when we are on the social scene! :)

What is your dream job? I always say...anything that doesn't deal with math or science!!!!
Honestly, I don't know. In the near future, I plan to pursue some television aspirations. Possibly news anchoring or being a vee-jay. However, I change my mind everyday and sometimes dream of being a pre-school teacher! I know it would have to be something where I interact with people on a daily basis...plus I like to talk!

What advice do you have for those who may want to break into the radio biz. or show business in general?
Be persistent!!!!! Stay encouraged! Know that you will have to pay dues...do grunt work and possibly take a job making coffee for the boss to get your foot in the door. BE WILLING TO LEARN EVERYTHING! to make yourself more valuable to the company. You also have to have tough skin or be willing to get some...because this industry is based on OTHER PEOPLE's OPINION of YOU! And ALWAYS stay HUMBLE! This is a JOB...like any other JOB...you could be HOT today...and GONE tomorrow!

What makes you good at your job?
I am a naturally friendly person...and I smile a lot...so I usually have no problems meeting new people and making new friends...personally and professionally...this biz is all about networking and building relationships!

Where do you go from here?
Hopefully UP! :) My short term goal is to break into television while doing radio simultaneously....take over your airwaves AND TV! Soooo...hopefully you will be hearing me on your radio and seeing me on a TV near YOU!

Thanks Loni!


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I like her already ;)