B an idol?...

What would American Idol be without a season scandal? This year, Antonella Barba's "girls gone wild" photos have taken over the web and seemingly helped the young singer, creating what Time.com is calling The Antonella Effect. Added controversy has surrounded the scandal since past Idol contestant, Frenchie Davis, was booted from the show when similarly questionable photos of the singer surfaced.

Protesters gathered outside of the studio last night due to the disparity in the way these contestants were handled. View co-host, Rosie O'Donnell believes Idol's actions/in-actions are "racist and weightist" as Frenchie was publicly denounced for her nude/lingerie photos, while Antonella was praised by Simon Cowell for how well she's handled the media pressure during this difficult time.

Some argue that Frenchie's case was different because she was paid for her pictures, while last night on Larry King, Antonella's friends claimed her photos were only meant for one person's eyes. On that same news show, past AI runner-up, Diana DeGarmo mildly insinuated the producers may have pushed Antonella through the competition because of the potential drama and publicity it would bring the show. Take a look at one of Antonella's performances from the show. I, too, question how she even had the opportunity to hit the stage.

Think back to the LA auditions...remember when Barba squeaked through as the last female contestant to make it to the top 24 over a seemingly more talented brunette singer? Was that a possible foreshadowing of the impact she would bring to the "singing" competition. You be the judge.

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