B en Mexico...

It's the time of year when a quick weekend getaway is all you need to avoid the Winter blues and recharge for Spring. Have you thought about Mexico? Don't be too quick to write it off as a wild bed of boozing, fit only for Sophomore Spring-breakers. Destinations such as Cancun and Acapulco provide the perfect setting for sun, water sports, a little clubbing, and most importantly, relaxation. Another benefit is both locations are fairly accessible (ex: JetBlue has direct flights from NYC to Cancun) and fares for less than $400 are out there if you can find a good deal.


Beach scene: The sand is fine, and the water is crystal blue - true perfection!

LeBlanc Spa Resort, is the ultimate all-inclusive hotel. The expense is well worth the personal service, delicious meal choices and extras you'll get in exchange. Lavender-scented pillows, Silk Therapy toiletries, and floor butlers are just a few examples of what comes along with the LeBlanc experience.

Poolside at LeBlanc

Check out Dady'Os, one of the quintessential clubs in Cancun.

The City is one of the newer, larger, gladiator-style venues.


Beach scene: The sand is powdery in some parts, and grainier in others. The water is blue-green with big waves well-suited for windsurfing.

Beach volleyball

Laying out is a must, whether you're working on a tan or you just want to feel the sun.

Or, head to the pool to chill...the sun rays will sneak up on you, so layer on the SPF.

The cliff divers show is spectacular. Boys and men aged 7 to 30-something climb up the side of the cliff, then free fall into the water. For added effect, check it out at night when the final dive is made with flaming torches.

Enjoy a tasty beach front meal for less than 110 pesos (conversion = $11). Try the Moharra fish.

Fresh delights such as coconut milk, mango and plantain chips are in abundance.

Take in the scenery and local culture.

Before heading back to reality, take a stroll in the local mercados and pick up some vanilla, coconut treats and silver jewelry.


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