10 Signs He's Just Not That Into You...

1. His sister is getting married, and he decides to go "stag"

2. You're sick, and he wants to wait a few days to see you, just in case you're contagious

3. You look forward to meeting his friends, and when you finally do, they accidentally call you the wrong name

4. He thinks it's "unprofessional" to take a girlfriend to his company picnic, even though he has +1

5. Every time you have plans to go to dinner, he gets caught up at work, and your date turns into a late night drink (a.k.a. a glorified pre-booty call)

6. He goes to sleep before you get yours - enough said

7. The only time he answers your text messages is when you put "911" on the end

8. The last gift he got you from him was 1) a gym membership or 2) a cook book

9. He has no interest in meeting your mom when she comes in town, even though you've been dating for 2+ years

10. He changes the sheets every time you get out of bed...and asks you to help


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Noni Aminah Jones said...

Hillarious and true.
For some women, I'd add.. "he's seeing someone else". I've had friends who've dated men and they know exactly who the other women is.

Also, "he regularly breaks promises and dates". If he's not out to be trustworthy, he doesn't care about building anything with you.

Noni Aminah Jones

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...True True...