B in the Spotlight: Donnie Klang

The B-Life got to know a little more about Bad Boy's answer to blue-eyed soul - Donnie Klang. On this season of MTVs Making the Band, Donnie has to prove himself to be a vital asset to the Bad Boy family by showing he's hungry enough to make it in the music business. Can't stop, won't stop...? Donnie has it all - the voice, the moves, and the exposure. The questions is - how does he get to the next level?

Q: Reality star or musician?
A: I definitely am a musician. Reality TV just happens to be how I got my big break... but i've been doing this for long before Making The Band. I used to sing in groups and we had label deals and management deals on the table for the past 10 years... but it never worked out- we just got our hearts broken over and over. This was almost like my last chance at it.

Q: Diddy says you’re fighting for your dream. What/who do you feel is your biggest obstacle to knock down?
A: It's really a catch 22 coming from a reality show. It is a great way for fans to get to know you and see you developing yourself as an entertainer, but in my case i'm a solo artist and I stay out of the drama- basically because i'm not in a group fighting with my group members. So a lot of the reality show ratings come from drama- it is what keeps viewers viewing. So it hurts my airtime and I don't get the same exposure as the groups. On top of that... coming from a reality show it is almost like we aren't taken seriously. Especially now that Danity Kane has broken up... I think being able to overcome the reality show hurdle is my biggest obstacle. It's about show and prove. I have to prove myself to the world.

Q: Tell the truth – are you better off as a solo artist or would you have rather of been a part of Day 26?
A: I definitely think i'm much better off solo. The group thing has its ups and downs... as does being a solo artist... but now that i'm starting to find myself as a singer and entertainer I know this is right for me.

Q: Who is your biggest influence?
A: Aside from my parents... Will Smith. He has had such a well-rounded career and he has always stayed in the media in a positive light. I like how he balanced his music with TV and film. On top of all that he has always been a great role model.

Q: What have you learned being on the road?
A: I learned you need to keep your head on your shoulders. Don't get into drugs. Also I learned what style of music I get the best crowd response out of. I'm going to really lock in on this style for my next album. I think fans want something real from me. I've been through a lot and I know a lot about music and theory and production and writing-- I'm going to put it all into this next album and come up with a story.

Q: Who would be your dream line up on the Donnie Klang Tour?
A: Well I opened for the Backstreet Boys, which was really incredible. I would say my dream line up would be myself opening for BoyzIIMen, 112, N'sync, Usher, MJ, Prince- maybe some kind of Evolution of POP / R&B type of tour.

Q: If you could “b" anything, what/where would you be right now at this very moment?
A: Honestly it would be doing exactly what i'm doing except I wish I had some hits on the radio (Because there are a number of hits on my album). But i'm glad it wasn't all handed to me on a silver platter. My biggest obstacle is getting the world to take me seriously... and now here not doing so well right of the gate gives me an opportunity to turn things around and prove myself.

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Kelly said...

Donnie is so talented, I just wish he could get his name out there, thanks for the info about him, I have liked him since the early days of Making the band.... Love U Donnie!

nmw said...

I "heart" Donnie! Making the Band does not do him any justice...but at least he gets to stay out of all the drama. I hope he gets the fame and success he deserves!