B Advised: The First Kiss

It's hard to believe how awkward the notion of a "first kiss" can be...even in your twenties...or thirties. Many of us have been kissin' fools for over a decade, but the who, what, where, how, and how long, still play a part in getting to that perfect end-of-the-date smooch. A few guidelines:
  • Men, you're directing this movie. Please make the first move.

  • A first kiss is welcome on a second date, and if it doesn't happen by the third, you have to ask yourself, "am I in the friend zone"?

  • Asking for a kiss is a little awkward, so like Nike - just do it, BUT...give a little non-verbal warning via:
    - a backhanded caress on the cheek
    - a warm squeeze of the hand
    - rubbing of the thigh
    - eye contact
    (Now the lady knows you're coming in...)

  • It's in good taste to progress from a cheek kiss (first date), to a prolonged lip-to-lip kiss (no tongue), to the full monty on the next round.

  • Try to avoid popping mints, gum, or god forbid - breath spray, right before the moment - it's a definite spontaneity killer.

  • You don't have to wait until the end of the date to get your "first kiss" out of the way - kill it at a stoplight...or in a taxi. Sexy.

  • Alcohol is an approved form of social lubricant (aka. liquid courage) to take the nerves out of the first kiss. (Hint: Champs is great - Tequila - not so great)

  • Please don't update your Facebook/Twitter status after you've sealed the deal.

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Southern_Lady said...

Great post! The check kiss is really sweet on the first date. Asking for a kiss? I hate that---super awkward. Also, guys have to take their time. It's not a marathon!