B...the SEXIEST date spot in NYC!

The Great Jones Spa
29 Great Jones St., NYC 10012

Ok, the secret is out. (And I'm sorry to my Facebook friends who I asked to wait patiently for this post.) It's not a restaurant, it's not a lounge, and no Wayne, it's not a swingers club. My current vote for the SEXIEST date spot in NYC, unless someone proves me otherwise, is the Water Lounge at The Great Jones Spa. When I stumbled upon it accidentally over the weekend, I felt like I was on the overnight "dream date" on The Bachelor.

The Water Lounge at The Great Jones Spa is an oasis in the middle of Noho. Just picture, you and your date stripping down to tasteful bathing suits, and rinsing off in a multi-head shower before you take on the definition of an adult water park.

For $50 (or free with any spa service over $100), you and your boo can enjoy 3 hours in the 4-part water lounge: the River Rock Sauna, the Chakra-Light Steam Room, the Thermal Hot Tub, and the Cold Plunge.

You can explore the wet activities as a pair, have light conversation while you sip green tea, and detoxify your body, and stimulate your (eh hem...) senses. Your experience will only be further heightened by the calming sounds of the waterfalls surrounding you, and the light jets of the thermal hot tub.

The water lounge feels like a Roman bath, with sex appeal. The power to balance, restore, provide a comfortable setting to get to know each other intimately (through conversation) is all there. And once you dry off and throw on your white robe, my guess is you'll be itching to start part 2 of your date.

B-Life hint: Try going Wed - Friday. The water lounge closes a little later at 9:30PM.

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