B Loved: La Mer Moisturizing Cream

WARNING: Proceed with caution if reading this post...I would only recommend La Mer Moisturizing Cream during a recession if it were tried, tested, and a proven gem.
Here's the deal - a combination of another birthday, and a blistering winter left me a little self-conscious about the aging process, with a real case of dry skin. All of this lead to a trip to Bloomie's to pick up a jar of the age-old "miracle" cream used by celebs and socialites. $130 for a 1oz. jar of moisturizer is ludicrous, EXCEPT...it really works! Since buying La Mer (infused with a secret "miracle broth"), my skin is softer, the dryness is gone, and my face looks tighter and younger. No lie! Again, times are tough, but it's totally worth saving your pennies for this one. They say a 2oz. jar will last 3 months, so just think about it... If you give up your daily latte (about $4.50) for a month, you can stash enough to buy a jar. Just sharing...

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