B a look-a-like?

Do these Hollywood (and political) stars ever get a case of mistaken identity? Between dabbling in similar trends and mutual red carpet events, it's likely.

Desiree' Rogers & Terri Vaughn

Fonzworth Bentley & Ryan Leslie

Vanessa Bryant & Kim Kardashian

Chudney Ross & Essence Atkins

Nas & Timbaland

Lil' Kim & Monica "Danger" Leon (from For the Love of Ray Jay)


A said...

lil kim looks like a monster
its fuckin scary. and she used to actually be attractive

Southern_Lady said...

Can't see Nas and Tim, but Desiree and Terri..yes!

Anonymous said...

Yea, Nas and Tim -- no!

Vicky said...

Wow, they all do look alike. When I first heard that pretty Desiree'Rogers would be working closely with Michelle Obama in the White House, I said watch out Michelle. It may be bad to say, but I wouldn't want such a hot lady near my husband (Barack). I hope they all have very good morals.