B at Park Ave. Winter...

Park Ave. - Winter 100 E. 63rd St. (@ Park Ave.) New York, New York 212-644-1900

The quintessential winter dining experience is in your reach. Park Ave. restaurant changes with the seasons - literally. Every season (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn) Park Ave. changes the menu and the decor. Your eye will feast first, as presentation is key. But the well-flavored, perfectly edited dishes trump everything.

A few key dishes to try: Park Ave. Seared Scallop "Sandwich", Porcini Ravioli, Broccoli & Cheetos, Miso Glazed Lobster. I'll just say that every dessert will blow your mind.


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Assertive Wit said...

is it wrong of me to only want to move to New York for the diversity my palate alone will experience? don't answer that...LOL

Atlanta does it's "cultured" thing here and there but it will never compare to New York!!!!