121 Hudson St.
Ever get placed in the position of finding the "it" restaurant of the moment when your line sister, brother or summer camp BFF come to town? We all do, but finding a "cool" restaurant that isn't impossible to get into or already deemed so-yesterday, is more difficult than it sounds. The key is to find a few favorites to add to your go-to arsenal when you want to do something a little extra special. I just found a new one.
Maybe I'm late, but I'm a new fan of MR CHOW Tribeca. Upon entering the stark white (but strangely warm & comfy) space, I realized I had been to the London location years ago as a pre-teen, but never to the E. 57th street location where the restaurant gained most of it's NY-acclaim. The newer Tribeca location has a definite downtown vibe. Very cool. Plus, the outdoor patio option is to die...even in a crisp breeze
Let's get to the important part - the food. Brilliant. We barely used our menus, didn't order anything by name, but simply said what we didn't want (and my cuz promptly offered "no pork") although I'm a bit more liberal with my palette. Our Chino-Croatian server (in the game almost 30 years) had his charge bring out the best of the chef's selections without any help from us. I guess he didn't want us to mess up a good thing, because his choices were ON POINT. Perfectly sauteed shrimp, sweet and spicy Beijing chicken, and hand rolled noodles...yeah. I also experienced the most heavenly coconut sorbet known to man. No exaggeration. The only con - it was pricey, The positive - I would pay it again.

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Anonymous said...

Thats one of the restaurants i am dying to eat at and i only really know of it because a lot of celebs eat there...well i don't know if its at that location. For right now maybe not because i am a jobless grad student and i believe you when you say its pricey because right now...even Applebees is pricey for me lol. But one day soon...
P.S. Well written review.