B thrifty...

Living the B-Life doesn't exclude doing it big on a budget. Whether you're saving for a trip to South Africa or trying to stash cash to get a Miu Miu bag this Fall - these tips will definitely help you out!

HOLD THAT PURCHASE! Before you make your next online purchase, head to Retail Me Not for discount codes to countless online retailers! I recently got a 20% discount and free shipping on a 1200-thread count duvet set.

CALLING ALL CURL-GIRLS: Sign-up for your free hair cut at the Ouidad Salon today. Ouidad specializes in curly hair, and they dole out experts cuts during training sessions with their special "carve & slice" method.

SHIP THIS - Did you know that Greyhound can ship clothing/furniture/packages cross-country for hundreds less than the usual shipping methods? Just call/go to their website to learn more about the "Cargo" program. My girl's mom recently found an antique chair in LA, and now it lives in her Harlem digs for a mere $30....

CUSTOM DRAPES for all! Apparently custom drapes aren't just for those with pricey interior designers. Visit a fabric store, pick a material/pattern you love, and bring it to your local dry cleaners. A good dry cleaner can place all the necessary hems/pleats to create the perfect panels for your pad.

DRIVE EASY! Getting a new ride is easier (and cheaper) than you think. Sites like Swap A Lease allow you to take over a pre-existing car lease at an extremely reasonable rate. The down payments have already been made, so all you have to do is pitch in monthly. My boy got a 3-series BMW ("B My Wifey"/"Black Man's Wish" - I didn't make those up!) for less than 3 Ben's a month. Not a bad deal.

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