B-LOVED: Abas Valet Clutch!

Have you ever played "that's my car" with the new Saks Holiday catalog? Or perhaps you've taken "window shopping" to the next level by going inside to inquire about a price? And of course, there are those of us who spot certain items, or hear about an experience that we absolutely covet without following through, due to price, impracticality, or other priorities (ah, priorities...). If this sounds like you, then I need your help and contributions for the brand new B-LOVED section.

Right now, I am totally loving my handy, dandy Abas clutch. I've had mine for over 2 years, but I get compliments on it at least once a day. Plus, Abas continues to roll out pretty metallics, lacquered animal prints, and other colors/textures that would make any bag-lover drool.

Beyond the styling, the Abas clutch is totally functional! It's large enough to carry when heading out, but compact enough to stuff into a larger bag.

The design is perfectly lady-like, with a retro, yet modern appeal. It's for the girl with lots of plastic, maybe a metro card, and hopefully a little cash to boot! Don't be scared by the $100+ price tag...you'll feel special every time you pop your Abas clutch open in the train station, at a restaurant, or perhaps the next time you go "window shopping".

Where to Buy:
Frosted Moon Emporium on South Portland (btw. Lafayette & Fulton) - Brooklyn, NY

The B-Life is looking for all reader submissions for items, places, things, etc. that are B-LOVED by you! Email me at theblife@gmail.com so you won't be in love alone.

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Raven said...

loving those wallets! i have 3 of them ;)