B in the Spotlight...Alesha Renee'

B in the Spotlight w/ BET's...

1. What are your stats ?
I'm from Lake Charles, Louisiana raised in Houston, TX. military brat! Attended Univ. of Houston pre-law. I currently reside in NY.

2. How did you get into the world of entertainment?
I was discovered by BET at 22, making me the youngest person on the network! I had to interview, do cold reads and cold interviews and a week later out of 20,000 people, I'm here!

3. Did you always plan to be in limelight?
Yes! In one way or the other I started off wanting to do music... then went to entertainment law then ended up in broadcasting.

4. What was your first big break?
I think I'm actually still waiting on it… lol. I have a great start to my career and while I'm learning and growing I'm still not in the place where I'm a household name, and that’s the goal… so that’s the big break I'm waiting on :-)

5. Was there someone that you met along the way that totally shaped your career path?
Um...pre-television days it was Mr. Malinsky, my high school broadcast journalism teacher. He ALWAYS knew I would be in entertainment. He said “pickles ALWAYS remain you and the world will love you like we all do.”

6. What projects are you currently working on?
I'm currently developing my non-profit organization called Mae Bells Angels, as well as serving as a spokesperson for NCADV - the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the BET Rap It Up Tour, the Pantene “Total You” tour as well, as some acting

7. Have you met any celebs that you absolutely love/or that you could have done without?
lol - I won't throw any one under the bus...but, I LOVED QUEEN Latifah! She was FABULOUS!!

8. What was it like when you first started getting recognized on the street?
Crazy, because it took a minute for it to kick-in that people were just recognizing me and for the longest I was always wondering why in the heck were people staring at me...lol.

9. Where would you like to see yourself in the next 5 years?
Happy, successful and growing in my craft.

10. If you weren't a media figure/actress, what else would you be doing?
I'd probably be a psychologist, dealing with all my friends issues since they think I have all the answers - lol.

11. When you're not working, how do you spend your downtime..if you have any?
I take bubble baths, cook, write, read, spend time with family, and watch church online.

12. Any advice for someone trying to pursue similar path?
Yes, be you and just have fun! Take it one day at a time, tomorrow will work itself out.

13. If you had to give yourself one "B" what would it be?
Photo credits: Nigel D. for The Avenue Report Magazine

Thanks Alesha - keep doing your thing!
xo, Jen, The B-Life


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Yay, University of Houston and H-Town. Glad to see that Alesha is doing well and carving a positive path for herself.

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