B a Canidate: Presidential Nominee Update

Senator Clinton lives to see another day with critical wins in Ohio and Texas. Even though Obama won 11 straight states over Clinton and still maintains the delegate lead, yesterday's results proved the Democratic nominee selection will be a race until the end. Here's a quick update on the results from Super Tuesday and where the nominees currently stand.

Senator Hillary Clinton
Sen. Clinton has at least 2 more months in the game due to recent victories this week.

Demographics of Clinton supporters
: older, lower/middle income, Hispanic

Super Tuesday results:
Ohio - 54% (Obama - 44%)
Texas - 51% (Obama - 48%)
Rhode Island - 58% (Obama - 40%)

Senator Barack Obama
Obama is still confident with his healthy delegate lead (see below) and state-over-state victories against his opponent.

Demographics of Obama supporters: younger, wealthy, better educated, Black

Super Tuesday results:
Vermont - 60% (Clinton - 38%)

Senator John McCain
John McCain seals the deal to secure the Republican nomination. President George W. Bush will give his official endorsement today.

Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee drops out of the Republican nominee race and puts his support behind McCain.

Democratic Delegates Needed to Nominate - 2,025

(Click here for explanation of delegates)

Obama - 1,451
Clinton - 1,365

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