B politically fashionable...

So much for buttons and flare! It's never been easier to express your political views and look chic while doing so. A few months back we pointed out the fact that celebs like Kim Kardashian are wearing their vote on their sleeves, but now you can do the same with these ultra-cute pro-Obama T's...

B-Life Picks:
For the ladies -
SO HOOD...White - $40

For the fellas...
OMEGA - $20

Obama Retro Tee...Houndstooth - $31

Barack to the Future - American Apparel...Forest - $24

Obama Gear - Basic Sheer T-Shirt...Yellow - $20

Ps. Not into Obama? You can surf the web or go to CafePress to create your own T!
(Thanks for the inspiration Nic!)


Eb the Celeb said...

yes... they are all very nice...

kim love her some black men dont she... I just couldnt leave without saying that!

J said...

Yo I love these wy to fresh and I know I'm such a geek the back to the future joint is way to hot or should I say Barak to the future lol.