B a baller...

Great music, affordable drinks, and no pretense....wait, are we still in NYC? Yessir! You can find all of the above and plus a little friendly competition at Harlem Lanes.

Lanes (upper level)
Dim lights give the upper level a cool, laid-back ambiance.

A-Town stay down..

Mone, showing off...

Drinking from a plastic cup is only OK in an environment like this - or maybe on Bourbon St. in N.O.

Kelli - a surprising threat!

Overall, great times! A very chill way to do a Friday. It's like staying in, without staying in.

Definitely check here for more info about Harlem Lanes. If we don't support uptown business, who will? If they built it, we should go. Bring on the commerce!

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Ebonne said...

I have been a couple times being that its only a couple blocks from my house... havent been in a while though... Kareoke is hilarious!!