BSO, Inc. - Big Boys' Toys!

This past Saturday, Boys Speak Out, Inc. landed in New York City to host a benefit to raise money for their organization. The ultra cool members-only Classic Car Club - Manhattan set the tone for what proved to be a chill yet sophisticated night. The organization was inspired by programs created by a group of impassioned Darmouth students. Today, the founder and CEO, Anthony Webb, continues to pursue his vision of arming young adults with the necessary skills to be successful. On Saturday, proceeds were made with ticket sales and a live auction. In the spirit of giving, donations can be made here.

Charles Johnson, Chair of the Board of Directors & Anthony Webb, CEO

Lola Adeokun, Vice-President of Business Development (L) & BSO Inc. mentee (R)

Natisha Webb, Event Director & Anthony Webb

Keynote speaker, Judge Glenda Hatchett

[Live auction!]

Big Boys' Toys Hostesses

Photo credits: Idris + Tony Photography

Congrats to Boys Speak Out, Inc. for an amazing turnout and a wildly successful event in NYC. The B-Life looks forward to joining BSO, Inc. with future endeavors!

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