B out...This Weekend!

(Thank Goodness It's Fall)

Yaay, the season is officially upon us! If you haven't done so already, switch out your wardrobe and lay the pastels and Springy-gear to rest (although some ultra-brights in the right material work VERY well this winter if paired with season appropriate accessories).

After the closet is right, don't forget to b out...

What: NY Homecoming - Part 2
When: Friday October 12th
Where: Pachita - 618 W. 46th St. (near 11th)
Why: HGE, Triumph, and New Deal have joined forces for this one.
RSVP - info@hourglassevents.com

*B-Spotlight Event*

What: Boys Speak Out, Inc. presents - Big Boys' Toys!
When: Saturday October 13th 8:30-11:30p
Where: Classic Car Club Manhattan - 250 Hudson St.
Why: Raise money for the kids while enjoying a night of sweet sips, mingling, and automotive eye-candy.

What: JI Group at Aspen
When: Saturday October 13th
Where: Aspen NYC - 30 W. 22nd St.
Why: Our guys from The JI Group always deliver the sexy...

And if you're in ATL...

What: PJ Morton with "The Big Giveback"
When: Friday October 12th
Where: Shh, it's a secret, but call 404-881-6933 for more info
Why: We heart PJ! He's a true artist, plus this one is free for the fans!

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Busy Bee said...

Your right it's time to clear the closet no more tank tops. I usually don't likek the winter, but I can't wait this year! have a great weekend.

The Bee is out!