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Ahh, I Love New York...and I'm not talking about Flav's New York. Even though many of us call this crazy/wonderful place home, it's fun to see it portrayed on film, and particularly on the small screen, week after week. With that said, I hope you're watching (or planning to watch) some of the hot new shows airing on your local stations that make NY the stage, with dramatic plots (real, scripted, and everything in between) to boot. Sex & the City wasn't the only show that personified the Big Apple, making it much more than a setting. Shows like Seinfeld, Ugly Betty, Felicity, Real World (I & X), NYPD Blue, Project Runway, The Fashionista Diaries and others have captured the allure, energy, and mystery of this diverse mecca.

That said, stay tuned for this must-see tv:

Tune in to VH1 to get the real look at the female hip-hop phenomenon - Salt-N-Pepa. One of the show's producers told me the ladies are very open and ready to share their story. If you think this is a kuumbaya reunion, think again. Cheryl & Sandy still have lots of issues to work out.
Show premieres tonight: Monday October 14th on VH1 @ 10/9C

How many times are they recreating the high school dramedy (a la Dawson's Creek, The O.C., and One Tree Hill) by placing sexy, young kids on different coasts? Who knows, but this look at the privileged progeny populating posh penthouses of NYC's Upper East Side is entertainment at it's best.
Air time: Wednesday 9/8C on CW

NYC has no shortage of ballers and shot callers and this show take their indiscretions from Wall Street to Front Street. This brilliant new show declares "men are the new women" and makes the Desperate Housewives look relatively drama free.
Airtime: Thursday 10/9c on ABC

Press play for a sneak peak of VH1's Salt-N-Pepa Show

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Busy Bee said...

I don't have cable. So keep me posted when you can.but when it comes to 8,6,12,FOX, CW I got it covered.