B carried away....with Fall's Must-have bags!

Are you Type A or Type B?

Type A: Sensible shopper who looks forward to changing seasons so they can pull out their fall/winter clothes and have fun with new styles. This person might use fashion mags to draw inspiration from and slowly introduce a few elements into their existing wardrobe.

Type B:
Slightly impulsive fashionista who feels a need (almost insensibly) to buy a NEW handbag and NEW shoes every time the next season rolls around. This person cannot carpe' diem without something shiny and new to rock as they take on a new year?

No matter what type of shopper you are, use this post with caution...

What: Prada Glazed Calfskin Tote - $2580
Why: Prada stepped up the GAME this year - so chic!

What: Michael Kors - ID Chain Large Hobo - $1195
Why: Lock me up, cause I love this city-rocker bag too!

What: Marc by Marc Jacobs - Dr. Q Delancy Tote - $698
Why: This bag is perfection for the Fall (the price isn't half-bad either)!

What: Leiber- -Python Clutch - $2195
Why: Total indulgence, but have you ever seen a sexier clutch?

What: Miu Miu - Tall Bow Tote - $1195
Why: My personal fave. Hot, sophisticated, and laid-back in one beautiful package!

What: Kooba Harper Gathered Slouch Bag - $545
Why: "I-just-don't-care-I'm-naturally-fly-(in-jeans-and-layered-sweaters)-bag"

What: Chloe Metallic Haley Clutch - $1120
Why: You'll get the right type of attention with this one. It's bold in the most palatable way.

What: YSL Patent Leather Tote = $1395
Why: Because those who can, do! Get 'em!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, those bags are ugly. Not worth buying retail.

Taylor said...

Anonymous - your taste is questionable. These bags are FLY! If only...

Bianca said...

I agree with Taylor, these bags are gorgeous and definitely the it bags of the season...and not just because of the brand names. The soft leather, the colors, don't get me started!!

Look Me Up said...

I'm absolutely type A. I can't afford those expensive items.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1 again.
The first bag is tacky with the gold emblem to go with other colors besides a black suit.

The second one goes with what suit and the gold rings?!?!!?

The mark jacobs is ok for work but marc jacobs bag.

the third bag goes with what shoes unless it's that material.

The fourth bag is just brown and the handle would be cumbersome after a minute with work papers because it would not be a going out bag.

The fifth bag is looks like a cockaroach but mix with book bag look.

Th six bag?!!?! are you really serious?

The 7 bag would be better looking on sale for 395.00 for that price get the one that looks like the croc the want halle berry sports.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1 - you're outnumbered. That Prada is one of the hottest bags of the season! But everyone is entitled to their own opinion...

Anonymous said...

anonymous#1 is just it's expensive or nice and wearable? I was really bad today I purchased the channel black clutch, the red chole red purse that britney spears had to her las vegas opening and the small version of ysl saint laurent bag that halle berry sported a minute back. The red bag is good with suits, the ysl bag would look in the night time and channel clutch would be good in the night time with a suit or dress with black leather shoes.

Anonymous said...

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