Hudson River Cafe

Calling all Uptowners...Have you checked out Hudson River Cafe? The minute my friends and I walked into this anomaly on 133rd & 12th Ave. we immediately sang in unison, "doesn't it feel like we're in Greece?"

Between the heavy, Euro bass beats coming from the live DJ on the rooftop, the tangerine-umbrella patio and the cool breeze that blessed us last weekend, we certainly felt an out-of-Harlem experience. This is rare, especially when it comes to dining above 96th St..

The actual food was pretty good, with lots of healthy, grilled options. But the desserts and drinks were the trump cards. The key lime pie was to die...

Definitely check out HRC while it's still warm enough to sit on the patio. The ambiance and proximity to the water is very cool. The interior will still work when the temperatures bottom out.

Fellas, take your girl out for a midnight drink or something sweet. It's def. a cute date spot. But please, don't take all your girls to the same restaurant - not cool!

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it's all right it's not all that.