2007 MTV VMAs "White on White" Crime?


If you didn't catch it, the 2007 MTV VMAs aired last night. Surprisingly, the show was pretty entertaining, and definitely kept it moving by hosting mini performances from suites in The Palms Hotel. Britney opened the show with a weak comeback attempt (but we're crossing our fingers for a better second try). She had little to no energy, and could bare lip sync along with the track.

Other highlights:

  • Simply put, Chris Brown brought it with a medley featuring a throwback to MJ, Umbrella, and his latest.
  • The Southern Hospitality Suite WENT OFF with performances by T.I., Souljaboy, and other Third Coast faves.
  • Lil' Wayne ROCKED it with Gym Class Heros - loved it!!!
  • Justin Timberlake accepted an award presented by the girls from The Hills and demanded that MTV lay off the reality TV and "play more damn videos". It was too ironic and funny! LC was squirming...
  • Lastly, Kid Rock got in a fight with Tommy Lee during Alisha Keys' performance. This didn't air in show, but you can see the video here.
Overall, I was entertained. I have a feeling Vegas might stick. Perhaps The B-Life will head back to the desert after all...Try to catch a re-run if you missed it!


Anonymous said...

Good post, but a small incorrection. Lil Wayne's performance was actually with Fall Out Boy alongside Travis from Gym Class Heroes. Keep up the good work though!

The Committee said...

Thanks for clarifying!