B out...This Weekend (NYC)

Summer is coming to a rapid close, so make this one count!
Happy Friday!

What: Eve & Sean Paul
When: Friday 8/24 7-9A
Where:Bryant Park
Why: This performance will be hot, hot, hot.

What: Bill Bellamy
When: Friday 8/24 - Sunday 8/26
Where: Caroline's
Why: Feelin' nostalgic for the 90's...?

What: Boutique Finesse End of Summer Sale
When: Sat. 8/25 11A-5P
Where: (In front of) New Song Baptist Church (on Douglass btw. 120th & 121st sts.)
Why: Pick up chic accessories at a fraction of the price.

What: Seduction @ Sequoia
When: Sat. 8/25
Where: Sequoia - Pier 17 (South Street Seaport)
Why: This is one last time for a great summer blowout.

What: Making the Band 4 (Tune in!)
When: Sun. 8/26
Where: MTV (check your local listings)
Why: They're making band!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey just wanna say that i LUV ur blog i'm from Paris and it's good to see what's poppin in NYC and obviously there's a lot of things goin on there!! Take care xx

Tempest said...

Tracee and Kerry inspire me!