B into something new...

We have to thank our girl Tiffany for reminding us that love comes in all packages and CNN for probing "Could Mr. Right be White?". We're not taking anything away from the brothas, but in this day and age, it's a numbers game, and many black woman are getting left behind. According to census data, 116,000 black females have looked beyond their traditional dating pools and married white men. Let's be honest - how many of us went into college thinking we were going to find our lifelong mates in the classroom or on the yard? We later discovered that we outnumbered the guys 15:1 (and that's not even including the "dateable" men) and that options were beyond limited.

If you're single and always surrounded with the same dating options, perhaps you should do like EnVouge said and "Free Your Mind" because maybe the rest really will follow....It worked for Iman, maybe it can work for you!

Iman & David Bowie
Garcelle Beauvais & Mike Nilon

Paula Patton & Robin Thicke

Venus Williams & Hank Kuehne

Thandie Newton & Ol Parker

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry

Oluchi (Nigerian model) & Luca Orlandi

If you're interested in more web resources regarding interracial relationships, check out this blog.

On that note, we'll leave you with a beautiful video while you contemplate this proposition.


Nico said...

Lets not stop at white men ladies...Italian, Turkish, South Asian etc. men have all pleased my palate. "B Adventurous" you never know what you might experience.

Living PLush said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! LOL!
I actually scrolled down the page looking at the pics and noticed a common pattern

Anonymous said...

Love comes in all colours, and En Vogue got it right, "Free your mind..."

For 26 years I worked on air in rock and classic rock radio in major markets. I dated the men I met. There are not to many black guys in the rock genre and those whom I did date, took issue with a black woman rockin' the rock world radio waves. I had no time for such small thinking or many of these guys not taking my career seriously.

Never had any of those issues with the Caucasian guys I have dated. They have all treated me beautifully and with great respect.

I've been married to my wonderul Caucasian British husband for 16 yrs, and our marriage is truly blessed. To those who have an issue with it, I say, "Sod off!"

Ladies, if you ever feel the need for a serious ego boost, go spend a little time in Italy! The men have a fine appreciation of women kissed by sun.


Anonymous said...

They're ol beautifuul women...Black..Bold & Extra Beautifuul!!!yayah!

Anonymous said...

please stop promoting this bull shit there is no way you can truely love yourself and date outside your race. its being selfish because alot of the people who do this have mixed kids and neglect to teach there kids the importance of holding on to your blackness. Or you end up dating the same old ignorant black dude and assume all black men are the same and totally turn your back on your own culture. Its on the parents I dare my daughters to bring a white, asian, or hispanic boy home its really going to be a problem. this shit is not okay and it shouldnt be allowed.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the rants of the second anonymous fool, I guess it's "not okay" for Barack Obama to be their president. The man is probably a mixed up zebra with no tangible culture in their eyes. What a powerful advocate for the anti-miscegenation movement, and bigoted whack jobs everywhere. The world is screwed when people who never should have had children are telling their kids to date based on skin color.

Anonymous said...

I feel like anyone who has the courage to date outside their race deserves some respect, because it isn't easy. I am a black female who is engaged to a non-black man. People always accuse me of not being 'down' with my blackness. PLEASE! I am very aware of my culture and its wonderful history. I will teach my children to look at people as JUST people, but still teach them about black pride. Comments like "it's not okay and it shouldn't be allowed" just sound like some crap from the Jim Crow days!

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous ignorant fool talking about mixed race shouldnt be allowed, i am gonna say this just to annoy you, Black women, white men look beautiful together, people cant help who they fall for, wether they are white or black, and there is nothing you can do about it, so dont speak for me. i hope your child does bring a white person home, you'll have a heart attack.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion I think that love shouldn't be based on race.people put way to much emphasis on race :P,when its the spirit people fall in love with.People are attracted to other features but you should limit your future based on race.