B on a rooftop...

Per your request, we've put together the first installment of the hottest rooftop bars in NYC. There's nothing better than cool breeze and a cold drink on a hot summer night!

What: 60 Thompson
Where: 60 Thompson St.
Rooftop appeal: This is NYC, so we have to consider at least one exclusive rooftop bar that some consider a reach. 60 Thompson is filled with casually chic patrons who sip Sancerre while being served by an equally snooty wait staff. Nonetheless, the vibe is right at this hot spot, and you'll be overly impressed with the sights. (Last time we sighted Kanye and his fiance, Alexis.)

What: 230 Fifth Ave.
Where: Fifth Ave. (near 27th St.)
Rooftop appeal: It's no secret that 230 Fifth has one of the most enticing views around. The proof is in the lines of (sometimes corny) people that wrap around the building. Sure, throwing bows just to get a vodka tonic can be a annoying, but the pay off comes when you can find a seat and drink up the amazing view in the open air.

What: The Park
Where: 10th Ave. (at 17th St.)
Rooftop Appeal: The Park successfully brings the outside into this mammoth of an establishment. No matter what, this spot is jumping on a Friday or Saturday, so you can't miss. Be ready for lots of people and amazing space. The penthouse rooftop is just the icing on the cake.

What: Local West
Where: 1 Penn Plaza
Rooftop appeal: Check out Local West for a laid back, unpretentious good time. The kitchen is open until midnight, so you can pair tasty bar food with your drink. Best of all, the proximity to Penn Station make this a perfectly convenient stop before you head home.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate you going out of your way to provide me with the info I requested. Thanks alot!

The Committee said...

we try! keep the suggestions coming...

Brianna said...

This is perfect becasue I am looking for nice bars to go to in the city... you always posts that relate to something I want to do or that intersts me. Keep giving us the B-Life...I luv your blog.

Can you do a post on good clubs/lounges/bars to check out in NYC for those of us who are trying to live the B-Life? LOL Places where 20-30s can go that is kind of swanky, upscale, but has really good music and a good looking crowd? I have to check out Strata, Aspen adn a few other places you have mentioned previously but anything else would be great! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

can you elaborate a bit more on what days are good days to go to each place? i'm new to the city, but my experience thus far tells me that the crowd on one night can be DRASTICALLY different from the next. any help you guys could give would be great! thanks so much again ladies!