B in the Hamptons...

(Past event)

This weekend, The Soleil Group threw down in the Hamptons to commemorate the summer. It was an all-white (clearly optional) affair with an abundance of food, drink and people.

The B-Life was present...

Along with advertising stars, Dhane and Chris.

The hostesses of Gotta Have Fun Fridays (center) - Nikki Marz, Lindi DeGrant and CC came through with their crew.

FAMU alum represented with Bianca, Mone and Kamuzu.

Al-Sharik and Gerard always make us smile.

Claire, our girl from The Fashion Bomb, kept it stylish with Victor. Check out Claire's coverage of another white party that went down last week.

Chris (far right) from The JI Group, cooled out with friends.

Camille and Ronnie.

Definitely a good look...you can't go wrong in the Hamptons on a hot day!

Keep the party going as we close out the 2nd half of Summer 2007!


Bronze Sugar BAP said...

I love your blog. I definitely need to check out some of these events when I go to NYC next month.

The Committee said...

Thanks Girl! Def. check us out as you plan your trip!

Claire said...

Love the post:) Thanks for the shout!