B fed (for less)...

Ok, so we're a quarter-way through NY Restaurant Week - Summer 2007, so please forgive us for making you lose valuable time. (Thanks for reminding us Raves!) It's warm outside, you're getting out a little earlier, AND you've always wanted to try that place..."what's the name?" That's why we've put together a list of our favorites that you should definitely check out. RW takes place from July 16th -20th and resumes 23rd - 27th. Basically, you should have made these reservations last week, but I'm sure with all these choices (and more), you can squeeze in for a great meal.
Ps. Some restaurants participate at lunch, dinner, or both - make sure to inquire about that and confirm that you'll be able to choose from the RW menu.

Sushi Samba South
(or Sushi Samba Park if they're all booked)

Dos Caminos Soho

Ono (at the Gansevoort)
Ps. then you can check out the rooftop after dinner - 2 in 1!

Kittichai (at 60 Thompson)
Ps. eh hem...rooftop! it's worth a shot.

The Hudson Cafeteria
(So yummy - we were there last night!)

Central Park Boathouse
(famous for wedding receptions - maybe you can get some ideas)

(Our personal favorite - we're headed there tonight!!!)

Asia de Cuba

Enjoy - Friends don't let friends dine alone!

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