B a (summertime) bag lady...

This season's hottest armpieces might not be cheap, but they're totally worth it once you calculate the CPW (cost per wear). Too rational to drop a few benjis on a bag (I wish I could say the same)? You can still find enjoyment and inspiration in our round-up of some of the flyest bags to rock this summer. Don't see your personal favorite on the list...let us know about your latest bag obsession.
Louis Vuitton Damier Azur -Speedy 30"
Take it from me, this is the most desired bag in the South of France (I personally chased it around in Nice, St. Tropez, Cannes, and Monte Carlo with no success). The reasonable price tag, classic Louis styling, and fresh color palette are why this bag tops my list. Call me a loyalist, but I'm loving it!

L.A.M.B. Signature Carlisle Convertible Clutch Tote
I'm standing by the heat factor of this bag and feeling it just as much (if not more) in Saddle. You can wear it two different ways for two equally fun looks.$BARGAIN ALERT$ - Adrienne Vittadini Long Straw Clutch
This $78 bag is the perfect acquisition to add a little "summer" to your regular purse rotation. A straw clutch is such a chic contradiction!

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Clutch
Nancy is doing it with this turquoise croc wonder! This bag will make you a showstopper with this 2-1 combo of unexpected color and texture.

Prada Deerskin Satchel
We're not usually the biggest fans of Prada bags, but the simplicity of this Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman made a love child with the Aviator look, make this one to watch.

Nordstrom Wood Handle Straw Houndstooth Clutch
Again, a straw bag with a fresh spin...how could we pass this up? It's funky, yet easy to incorporate - the best of both worlds!

As you deliberate on which summer bag to cop, don't waste too much time. Just as quickly as summer creeped up, it will soon be over. Choose that new bag with confidence and ride it til' the wheels fall off.


Claire said...

I *love* that Lamb clutch!!! Why is it so expensive?!?

Naki said...

Love the turquoise croc clutch!!

CityTalk said...

They are pretty hot

Morgan said...

personally, I'm feelin the LV Mini Lin Speedy :)

The Committee said...

I just want them all!!! Jen