B on The View...

Thanks to diligent B-Lifer, Renee, we've been staying up-to-date on the comings and goings of guest co-hosts on The View. After Star Jones got the axe, the show has been anxious to add a little color to the group. They've had black co-hosts ranging from Robin Givens to Nadia (what's her last name?) from American Idol. While it's a noble mission, it's about time to balance out the monochromatic panel. Truth be told, Rosie's departure gives us the sneaking suspicion the show may not go on...Nevertheless, it's still worth surveying the candidates, and nominating a few ladies while we're at it.

The View's Top Candidates:

Sherri Shepherd
This comedian may be Star's body double, but it's hard to tell why she's been the show's favorite guest host. Sorry, I'm not really feeling her.

Jacque Reid
Former BET News Anchor and Tom Joyner Morning Show correspondent has been on the show more times than I can remember. She holds her own, but hasn't been able to loosen up jsut yet.

Whoopi Goldberg
She certainly has the star power, but is that enough? She has NO energy when it comes to co-hosting, so we're gonna need her to at least pretend like she's trying.

Kim Coles
This funny girl and alum of Living Single brings a warm humor to the panel. I'm not mad at this at this choice!

Tanika Ray
As an entertainment reporter, her energy and style add a nice dimension to the group. She can definitely keep up with Babs and the gang, but can they keep up with her?

B-Life Nominations for The View:

Gayle King
While there was a little buzz about Oprah's BFF joining the gab fest, we have yet to see it! It might be a good fit...

Soledad O'Brien
This CNN anchor is opinionated, accomplished, and can fill the "Meredith" void like nobody's business. I'm a HUGE fan.

So, we know she has the time...But seriously, she has the swagger, and contacts to bring something new to the show. (Plus, I have a feeling she and Elisabeth would create sparks!)

Tisha Campbell
She's a funny mom who'll definitely represent. And now that her hubby's show has been cancelled, it's time to bring in some $$$.

Ananda Lewis
We know this former TRL host has the journalistic chops, so let's give her a shot. Plus, she's a young one, which might bring the average age of The View's co-host down to 62.


Crystal McCrary-Anthony
So you've seen our round up, but Crystal takes the cake above all. She's a lawyer by trade who also moonlights as an author and executive producer. Crystal is smart, decisive, graceful, and beautiful. She brings a new perspective and gives a voice to black women that people need to see in mainstream media like The View. You got my vote!

Who would you you like to join The View? (Remember: Pick someone with the right combination of spirit, willingness to represent our view, and free time.)


Anonymous said...

I think Soledad would be a great choice. I'm not feeling Tisha Campbell...to whiny! Free would bring some flavor though!

Anonymous said...

Definitely feeling Crystal. She seems intelligent and thoughtful. We've got to present our best images to mass media.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Crystal. She style, class and intelligence and you can see that without her even having to open her mouth.

Anonymous said...

Well i must say their quest to find a black woman is definitely well founded.... I mean the show is called The View. Conservative little Elizabeth can't be the only one broadcasting her oh so small minded opinions across America. My top picks for the show are definitely Crystal and Jacque Reid. Gayle might be good also however she might night be as good at putting Lizzie in her place!

The Committee said...

Yaay! I'm gkad ya'll are feeling my girl. But I must say that Gayle King was looking quite comfortable in the pilot seat this week.

Mel said...

Crystal McCrary-Anthony. We need a different image of black women on TV, and she is great.