B a princess...

It's a whole new world now that Walt Disney Pictures is making a movie centered around a black princess! "The Frog Princess", also know as "The Princess and the Frog" is set in 1920's New Orleans and will star none other than "Dreamgirls" lesser-known star, Anika Noni Rose.

B has a film career and case full of Grammys, J-Hud has a reality TV legacy and an Oscar, so it's only fair that this Broadway star gets immortalized with the magic of Disney.

Word has it that mega-stars like Tyra Banks, J-Hud, and Akicia Keys were up for the role. Those are also great choices...should I start drawing up contracts for Sony, Warner Bros., and Paramount? There's room for everyone!

But we have to give props to Disney for making this long-overdo film during a time when blacks have been largely discredited, insulted and downright ignored by public figures. It's about time that we had a something positive to relish in, even if it's animated and one-dimensional. After the last few years of Katrina, Imus, and Kramer, we could certainly use a fairy tale ending.

Congrats to Anika! This will be one to remember!


Southern_Lady said...

Congrats to Miss Rose. I was already excited about Disney finally having an African-American animated character, now this. I know the songs will be beautiful.

John said...

Thanks for the link to The Disney Blog. Just to clear up any possible misconceptions, The Disney Blog is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company in anyway. We're just big fans writing a blog about the company and related news.


The Committee said...


Thanks for clarifying!

The Committee

nmw said...

Glad to see her getting her big break too. I'll be in the theatres when it comes out!