B fired...?

The-B-Life would be totally remiss if we didn't mention the Don Imus controversy. We're still trying to figure out when it became ok to call a group of black collegiate women "nappy-headed hos"? Have the "free speech" tenants of Michael Richards and Paris Hilton made this type of demonstration acceptable? (Our mouths are still agape.) Although Imus' obviously ignorant comments were made last week, it's always interesting to find out where the public falls on the issue.

Yesterday, Al Sharpton interviewed Imus very candidly on his radio program Keeping it Real. CBS has placed him on a 2 week suspension from his radio show, Imus in the Morning, but is that enough? Surprisingly some public figures who have spoken out are split in unexpected ways. For example, well-known liberal and The View co-host Rosie O'Donnell maintains "free speech" as his defense and claims that Imus shouldn't be fired for his words. Rosie even hinted that blacks like Stevie Wonder, who use the word "nappy" and have decided to "take back" the term, are to blame for Imus' willy-nilly misstep. While Rosie's more conservative and usually annoying co-host, Elisabeth Hasslebeck, has declared that 2 weeks isn't enough and suggest that Imus should be suspended until Black History Month 2008!

It's no shock that Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson are calling for him to be fired, but the normally neutral Al Roker has spoken out against Imus as well. "It is time for him to go," adding that "what he said was vile and disgusting. It denigrated an entire team and by extension, a community."

The-B-Life is interested in finding out what the Rutgers Womens' Basketball team has to say. Take a look at the clip of Imus' now-infamous slurs below.

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