B great...

Last night's after-work mixer, hosted by The Joint Interest ("JI") Group, featured an inspirational call to action by Dr. Dennis Kimbro. Dr. Kimbro challenged the crowd of young, black, professionals to be great and not be consumed my mediocrity. He rallied the young men to be (paraphrasing):" a turn off the TV and pick up a book brotha, a tuck your kids in at night brotha, a pay your child support on time and put a little extra in brotha..."
In addition to the powerful message, there was no shortage of drinks, great conversation, and R&B Top 20, given the party-atmosphere of LQ. When we ask ourselves where are all the young blacks in Corporate America, we need only to attend the next JI Group event. Last night proved that when we step out together, there is a great deal of power and potential under one roof.

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