Catherine Malandrino - Fall 2007 Collection Highlights

Subtle, yet impactful. The jacket - to die for!

Material girl revisited.

When the "l.b.d." is cut like that, there's nothing ordinary about it. It's time for all of my athletic girls to start saving for this one.

A bold shoulder and a flirty shape. This dress is great for a 16 year old with bank, or a 37 year old showing us that she's still got it.

Once again, Malandrino masters the inlay.

A trip to the French Riviera, don't mind if I do!

Fashion forward, but wearable (unfortunately, for size 4's and under).

Defiantly pretty.

The debutante warrior. I need this dress in my life!

I have a feeling that Beyonce' and Nicole Ricci are somewhere fighting for this dress.


Anonymous said...

cOoohhh... I love her style. The one shoulder and "debutante warrior" are my favorites. Guess I better start saving. The #1 hotgirl needs a new "freakum dress"

Natalie said...

I love this Blog...thanks for the Fashion Updates!

FrenchCornerSoho.com said...

All the design of the wardrobe are spectacular and I have to admit that the design are more good compare t other known brand like Gucci.