B fashionable...part 5

My girl and I (l.) were front row at the Rosalind GeNe Collection. We were up close and personal with the models, so we peeped every intricate detail on these funky streetwear designs. (see below)
Ms. Angela Simmons came through looking very chic and age appropriate in her Tory Burch flats.

Claire (m.), from The Fashion Bomb (http://www.thefashionbomb.blogspot.com/) was front and center and ready to get a first look at the collection.

Make-up artist Redd (l.) and stylist Adrian Atako (r.), from BETJ's My Model Looks Better Than Your Model and The Turn On popped in and kept it pretty!
Take a look at some pics from last night's show and let me know what you think. For more on the Rosalind GeNe Collection, head to http://www.rosalindgene.com/. Enjoy!


nekia said...

Who would have thunk it? You look great and by the way I'm jealous!!!! Keep it fabulous!

Naki said...

Great post..keep up the good work!

Naki said...

Good job, keep up the good work!

SiennaV said...

Whose the hottie to the right of Angela Simmons? He can get it!