B a Covergirl (or boy)...

It's becoming harder to ignore us on the newsstands - we're everywhere, which makes sense when you consider the impact minorities have on mainstream media. Lately, it seems like Jennifer and Beyonce' are in a run-off for Dreamgirl of the Year, but there's room for all of us! Don't forget to actually go out and buy these mags. If not, we'll only confirm the beliefs of naysayers who don't think we can gain the same circulation numbers as our non-ethnic counterparts. Take a look at a sampling of titles that recognize our contributions and relevance.

History in the making. Kudos to Anna - that's all.
B looks amazing as usual, and she's multitasking by modeling her Dereon swimwear. She's a true business woman at all times! Ladies, don't be afraid to pick up this issue too, you know you want to see the pics.Of course, Essence continues to honor beautiful black women and Jen couldn't be left out.

And Lady B likely holds a record for the most covers in a 3-year time span. She's doing it!

Life recognizes...

...and so do the other weeklies.

Last but not least, it's been a giant year all around!

Honorable mentions:

Get 'em Chris!

America Ferrara as the new CosmoGirl. Apparently, real women have curves and covers.

John Legend is more than a good voice willing to be consumed by the industry. He's on his hustle and looking forward to the future of the music biz.

Once again, Condi is looked to as a force in the direction of our great nation as we try to find our way on the international scene.

See you at the newsstands!

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