B in the Spotlight: Kobe Saki

Kobe Saki of Kobe Saki Creative Studio
Q: Why did you create a Michael Jackson tribute line?
A: I decided to do an MJ line because I'm a designer. This was a great opportunity
to express my own feelings towards the man through the products I put out

Q: What makes your collection distinct?
A: My line is distinct from others in that it covers an entire spectrum of styles.
There's vintage tees, trendy tees, and what I view as high fashion looks.
However the collective goal is to have shirts that stand apart within their
respective genres. For example silhouette tees often lend themselves to high
fashion or trendiness. I chose to place a spin on the silhouette by activating it
with a custom montage.

Q: What do you have coming up next?
A: Well, you can expect a line of sport-themed women's and men's tees to be designed
by Kobe Saki, and released under a start up label. The name is hush for now, but
the label has meetings scheduled with a sports agency representing one of the
top NBA draft picks. It should be a hot line.

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Nyasha Shani said...

ohh these tees are so dope
thanx for the post!

Dee G. said...

Dope Shirts!!! Love the montage! They all are hot.

TaNYAc said...

Really feeling these! Keep hearing about them in Harlem. Talented artist!